"Dani is an absolute pleasure to work with and I know the rest of staff would agree. I can tell she cares about what she is doing, cares about the people around her, and is always looking to be the best version of herself. Below is a quote from one of our studios who had the pleasure of having Dani as a judge:

"Dani was my favorite judge. Goodness bless her, she did not stop talking from beginning to end for each of the routines! I like that she talked about a wide variety of things from technique to costumes, to staging, to prop use to storyline... She's a fantastic judge. We only play one critique from each routine to our kids in class to save time and she is the one we picked to play for a majority of the routines we did because she was so full of information."  -- Caitlyn Pickering, StarQuest International Chief Production Officer

"As my friend and former employee, Dani Albertina possesses the qualities that directors desire in a professional artist and educator. She is loyal, dedicated and passionate....as well as reliable, genuine and hard-working. I am thankful that I had the opportunity to work with closely with her during her time with Ashleyliane Dance Company." -- Ashley Tate, Owner and Founder of Ashleyliane Dance Company 

"I had the pleasure of chatting with Dani this summer on my podcast, Dance Like Everyone's Watching. Dani is an incredibly positive, charismatic, and passionate artist - she was an absolute delight to talk with, and she's an incredible role model for any young artist." --Andrea Muhlbauer, Owner and Founder of DLEW Podcast

"I never work with someone twice, unless the first time they're nice. Dani is super duper and the first photo shoot we did together was effortless. The second time we worked together was in Central Park and it was more of the same. Wonderful strong personality to work alongside. One of my favorite dancers to photograph by far."  --Christopher Sztybel, Owner and Founder of That Werks Photography                                                                  

"Dani was extremely positive and uplifting to her dancers, helping them to see the potential in themselves."  --Kristen Leanne Reeb Wardlaw, Owner and Founder of Heavenly Rhythm Dance Studio


"During her time at Southeast, Dani took advantage of everything her education offered her. She is an extremely passionate person and that passion and drive for excellence followed her into the studio and allowed her to experience growth as a dancer and artist. Dani demonstrated strength as a choreographer and a clear artistic voice. She knew how to lead her peers and to get them to buy into her creative vision. Dani was a wonderful student in our program and set the bar high for future students in terms of work ethic and dedication to the field of dance.  --Hilary Peterson, Coordinator of Dance/Associate Professor at Southeast Missouri State University

"Loved working with Dani. Her unique dance style and great personality are additions to the shoot. Always a pleasure to have her on set."  --Anabella Veress, Creator of Anabella V. Photography