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Kellsie's Waves of Positivity Dancing Onto Infinity

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Kellsie Marchbanks was my dance teammate, my friend and continues to be a huge inspiration to me and anyone who knows her or her story. When the doctor told her she would never dance again, she defied all odds and not only danced but won a state championship!

When she was sick on her hospital bed, she still concerned herself with how to help other’s and created the Kellsie’s Hope Foundation.

The mission of the foundation being to lighten the load of families that have children suffering from cancer by offering support for trips, and gifts that might otherwise be unattainable to a child with cancer. The foundation also raises funds to support research into childhood cancers such as hers and supporting the nursing field with a nursing scholarship each year.

It’s not fair Kellsie’s not here to dance and celebrate her 30th birthday year.

In Kellsie’s honor and memory I’m participating in the goals Kellsie’s Hope Foundation has set to spread awareness of childhood cancer and I hope you’ll join me as this year would have been Kellsie’s 30th!

💛 Want to combine your love for sport and philanthropy? Join the virtual 30k challenge and complete 18.6 miles before Oct 31st!

💛 The foundation is only $400 short of reaching $15,000.00 for pediatric cancer research. If you have the means to donate go here!

Tight pockets during tough times? No Problem-o … here’s some free ways to help spread the good word. 💛 Go to the Kellsie’s Hope Foundation Facebook and Instagram Pages and click “LIKE” or “FOLLOW” 💛 Go to the States of Hope page and print: Take your Kellsie Selfie and use the hashtag #StatesOfHope

I’m smiling for my #kellsieselfie from my favorite rooftop in Los Angeles, CA. Happy Heavenly 30th year Kellsie 🙏 Your bright light continues to shine on and your memory forever dances in my heart. I miss and love you 💛

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