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Welcome to My Boogie Blog

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Hi friends from the world wide webs! Thanks for being here for my first blog post. Feel free to "play that funky music" to boogie to while you read...That's what I'm doing as l type. If you're reading this, you've probably already learned that my name is Dani Albertina, but if you've missed the big bold letters on every page of my website... HI! Dani (or Danielle) here.

I'm a dancer, choreographer and educator based in Los Angeles, CA. Originally from St. Louis, MO - I have graciously (not to be confused with gracefully) danced my way from the studios of the Midwest to the stages of New York City. Leaps of faith are often messy, scary and the path to success is never straight forward. Nonetheless! My classical & competitive dance training as well as perseverance came in handy. I've been fortunate enough to make some of my dance dreams come true ever since that initial leap of faith. My versatility within movement in addition to experience working with a variety of age ranges is what keeps me booking and creating. (Seriously, l love soaking up all the the variety the dance field has to offer. Some jobs I've worked with dancers as young as 8 months old and others with dancers who are 88 years old!) There's few things I love more than Sriracha on most everything I eat, however my love for dance is one of them.

Why Create a Blog Boogie?

Traditionally, as a professional dancer, your job is to bring the choreographers movement and/or the directors vision to life-- not to talk or offer your feedback, etc. (And if you do and overstep your boundaries you might not have the opportunity to work with that choreographer or production again... eeek!). Because of this (and maybe plus a little dose of imposter syndrome), I've found myself on many sets, classrooms, shoots or first show days shying to the side of introversion...BUT in comfortable spaces with familiar faces l feel welcomed to let my true (& sometimes silly) personality shine. I plan to make my blog one of those spaces where l sparkle like a disco ball and hopefully brighten someone else's day!

What Direction Will This Blog Dance?

I plan to share my dance journey, lessons I've learned along the way and my evolution as a human who is committed to personal growth. If this sounds groovy to you, put on your broadening boogie shoes!

What's your favorite song to dance to? Share with me in the comments below! Don't hesitate to reach out if there's a dance topic you'd like more information on. With grooves & gratitude,


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